Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It has arrived!

I have finally left the blogspot realm and have ventured into the wide world of wordpress! Please check out my new blog at:



My original blog was called mathetes, which is the Greek word for disciple. I really never intended to be "that guy" who like a "super-spiritual cheesy Christian" uses Greek or Hebrew or Aramaic words to be creative and overly spiritual. I realize that I have done this to some extent, but that was not my intention, so you just have to take my word for it. Or not. Either is okay with me, but allow me to explain my reasoning for using the biblical languages.

I am a pretty sentimental guy. I have an imagination that finds real life, historical events very special and significant. I'm the type of guy that loves re-visiting the neighborhood where I grew up and just sitting and remembering what life was like back then. Weird as it may sound, I love closing my eyes and imagining being there in the moment once again.

I also love spending time imagining what it would have been like living in the past. What would my life have looked like during Israel's trek through the desert? During the reign of King David? During the life and times of Jesus? During Medieval Europe? During the founding of America?

The biggest imagination I have is what it would be like to be in the presence of Jesus while he was here on the earth. What would I think about him? Would I be one that could drop everything and follow him? Would I dismiss him as a religious lunatic? What choice would I make if he looked at me and invited me to follow him?

This is where the desire for the Greek word came. I wanted the exact word Jesus would have spoken with this invitation. That's the sentimental side of me for ya! Ironically, when I created my blog over 5 years ago I failed to realize that although the New Testament was originally written in Greek, Jesus did not speak Greek. Jesus spoke Aramaic, so the word would not have been mathetes. Hence, with a new look, a new blog platform (wordpress), and a new URL comes a new name for my blog - talmida. Below is the description you will find in the about section my my blog.


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