Friday, October 30, 2009

The Covenant of Yahweh

I'm taking a class right now on the Pentateuch [first five books of the Bible] and I came across something in my reading that was so profound. To me, it fully captures the beautiful relationship that God wants with His people. It comes from a book called Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction by Lawrence Boadt.

"Berit [covenant] is a term so rich it captures the heart of Israel's religous befliefs: (1) they are bound to an unbreakable covenant-union with their God; (2) he has made known his love and his mercy to them; (3) he has given them commandments to guide their daily life; (4) they owe him worship, fidelity and obedience; (5) they are marked by the sign of that covenant-bond. The covenant created the unity of the nation Israel, based not on blood relationship but on submission to the divine will and the confession that he alone is God. In turn, God pledges himself to be Israel's personal protector and helper, not only against foreign enemies, but against sickness, disease, and chaos as well. Most of all, he will be present whether it is a time of prosperity or of failure, for he has laid claim to his people as his own. Yahweh is a personal God who demands personal loyalty. He gives no guarantee that his protective love and help always involves victory in battle, wealth in possessions, or increase of territory; it may at times include such gifts, but more often it describes the blessing that trust in the Lord will bring: freedom from fear in the promised land, the fruitfulness of children and crops, permanent peace and the joy of knowing God is near."

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"A disciple is a person who has decided that the most important thing in their life is to learn how to do what Jesus said to do."

- Dallas Willard

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Imperial History of the Middle East

This is pretty stinkin' cool! If you like history, you will really like this. It is a map of who controlled the Middle East from 3000 BC to 2006 AD. You can find more timeline maps at


Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, I thought it was about time for a new look. This isn't exactly the look I was going for, but it is a change. After trying for a couple of hours to get the theme I wanted to work, I finally gave up and added this one.

It somehow erased my blogroll so I am going to have to add that soon. Too much work right now and I have already wasted enough time on it.

I promise to post soon! Life is busy...